Electrical Grommets

Electrical Grommets

Electrical grommets are usually made up of rubber and plastic but also available in metals. They can be easily found in different sizes, colors and shapes like square, oval, flexible. Eyelet is the famous form of a grommet, but some wires need full coverage for that purpose long strip grommets can be found in the market. Plastic can be easily broken, so Rubber grommets are frequently used as compared to others.
In our day to day tasks, every person has to deal with electrical wires. It is a dire need to protect them from the hazardous environment. Electrical grommets provide insulation to the wires. They help to protect the cables from resistance, abrasion and friction. They are designed to cover the edges of metal boxes or walls so that cable can easily pass through them. Electrical grommets are accessible in different forms to fit in according to the needs. Like closed rubber grommets, open rubber grommets, quick fit rubber grommets and stepped rubber grommets.
They are widely used in manufacturing, construction and many daily life activities to cover the sharp edges of the holes. Rubber grommets are preferable due to several reasons. They are heat resistant and less affected by ozone, UV light and weather. They do not crack due to dryness and have resistivity towards acids or alkalis. They are very cost-effective, easy and quick to install. Waterproof rubber grommets are also used for outdoor environments and sealing plugs. Grommets are also used for managing the wires in furniture. They are used in automobile application to protect the cables from grazing and chafing. Electrical wires are present everywhere. That’s why sometimes they create a mess when they are on the floor. Electrical grommets help to solve this problem.

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