Grommet Holes

Grommet Holes

A grommet hole is a place where a grommet is inserted. It can be on the wall, curtains and lather sheets, wooden or iron boxes and sometimes in fashion fabric such as jeans. In the case of walls, grommet holes have a very rough surface in metals, they are very sharp and in the case of fabric, they are delicate and can be ripped and torn off. 

Grommet performs a dual function. It provides support and protects the hole from the wire, cable, rode or any other thing passing through it. It also shields the passing material, i.e. wire, from the sharp and rough edges of the hole.  Grommets are found everywhere. You can see them in your shoes, curtains, furniture and around the cables. I Grommet holes are very easy to install with the use of a simple grommet kit. It consists of two things a hammer and a rod with a curved tip.

Grommets are simple tools used to protect the holes. They are manufactured from metals, rubber and plastic. There is a large variety of grommet holes available regarding their size, shape and color. Due to their diverse availability, grommet can easily fit into several holes of different sizes and shapes. Generally, rubber grommets are used because they are long-lasting, unbreakable and easy to handle. They are also known as eyelets. With the advancement in technology, grommets are designed very beautifully. Some grommets have movable lids on them. When there is a need to pass the wire, the cap is moved aside in a circular motion. And when we have done with the wire, it can be closed again. It seems like a decorative material on walls and desks. They are used as an embellishing material in the manufacturing of furniture. 

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