Grommet Sizes Chart

Grommet Sizes Chart

As grommet is used in construction and other related manufacturing industries to seal and protect the other material that passes through its hole and hold them in one place. Because of different uses and purposes, these grommets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Which depends upon the choice of the customer and modes of application of these grommets. So, it is very important to have an accurate and precise record of the rubber grommet sizes chart. There are basically two methods which are usually followed by the companies to measure the size:

The first method is one of the most valid methods to find out the size of these grommets. This method involves the measurement of the panel and its thickness. Basically, the panel is referred to the size of the hole of the grommet and the size of that object which has to pass through this grommet. It will eventually provide information about grommet thickness and its correct diameter for the relevant thing. So, it is necessary to follow the standard and accurate rubber grommet sizes chart. This method is actually the most appropriate one to measure the accurate sizes of grommets. 

The second method to find out the size of the grommet is the measurement of the grommet itself or to find out its dimensions. But this method has a secondary value. It means, if you have not performed the panel measurements, then multiple attempts and trials are required to get the exact and accurate measurement. Otherwise, it will not give you precise measurements. But this method also verifies the first method and provides extra value for the sizes chart. After getting measurements, we can easily develop our rubber grommet sizes chart using some special measurement tools and techniques.

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