Large Grommets

Large Grommets

If you are working in an industry, you must have knowledge about grommets. Grommets of different sizes are specified for other uses. Grommets should not be mixed with eyelets. Grommets are small rubber rings. They consist of two pieces that are compressed to form a durable grommet. They come in different sizes, i-e, small, medium, or large. Large grommets that are made up of rubber do not have sharp edges. But in the case of metal, grommets with sharp edges can tear the material that you wish to run through it. So, if you want to run wires through the grommets, you should use large grommets made of rubber. 

Grommets are very easy to install and remove. Try to use a perfect tool like hole punch or hammer during installation. Large grommets are not only helpful in making curtains as well as window treatments, but they can be helpful to be used as a tool for sails, flags, and awnings. Just like rubber grommets, plastic grommets have the advantage of protecting the product from cutting as they also don’t have sharp edges. Such grommets can be made up of pure plastic or simply plastic. They also help us in preventing contamination from certain substances. You can use grommets in tents, tarps, industrial covers, boat covers, custom awnings, vinyl banners, flags, curtains, and many more. Large plain grommets work best in general applications and can be paired with simple, tooth, or neck washers. Rolled rim grommets are made of thicker material and are designed for heavy projects. Such grommets can be paired with spur washers. Self-piercing grommets are also a type of grommets with sharpened corners. These are not recommended to be used for thick fabrics. 

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