Rubber grommet bong

Rubber grommet bong

Rubber grommet bong is a type of rubber grommet that is gaining more and more popularity. And the reason is very simple – because bong is used everywhere in the world, and rubber grommet bong is very important to make the experience of using bong as good as possible. Although there are bongs without rubber grommet, users very quickly notice that they need rubber grommet. As many bongs do not come with a rubber grommet, users then order that extra part from us, and we are here to meet all the requirements.

Generally rubber grommet bong is used when you have glass bong. There are two types of glass bongs, namely glass on glass bong and bong which requires rubber grommet. Glass on glass bongs work without grommet because they consist of several fixed parts, while rubber grommet bongs are called those bongs that need rubber grommet, which is sometimes called rubber ring, but that is not the correct name. The correct name is rubber grommet. Rubber grommet has the role of tightening the hole and thus not allowing steam to leave the bong in places where it is not provided, and this is necessary to keep users happy. On a rubber grommet bong, the rubber grommet is usually located on the left side, sometimes on the back side.

But as there are a huge number of glass bongs on the market today with completely different shapes, so there is a possibility that the rubber grommet will be located elsewhere. Wherever it is located and whatever the diameter of the bongo, you can order a custom made rubber grommet from us. We allow you to choose all the sizes of one rubber grommet and thus make it a perfect fit. And as we have already said, it is necessary to be a perfect fit, because it must completely seal the bong so that the steam does not come out on the wrong side. When it comes to materials, you can choose from a variety of materials, and natural rubber and silicone are a common choice of customers.

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