Rubber grommet hole size chart

Rubber grommet hole size chart

Rubber grommet hole size chart is something that every buyer of grubber grommets must be familiar with. Although each rubber grommet has several sizes that are measured, namely inside diameter, outside diameter, groove diameter, groove width and overall thickness, the most important is the hole size because it depends on the thickness of the cable or something else that needs to pass through the grommet and on this way it is protected from sharp edges. When you are choosing hole size you should pay attention to inside diameter and groove diameter, so when you look at the chart take a look at those two sizes to make it easier for you to choose the right overall size.

We offer rubber grommets of very different hole sizes. Some of the smallest available are 4 mm rubber grommets through which the thinnest wires and cables can pass, that are commonly used in the computer industry, telecommunications, Internet services and the like. Then we offer you medium sizes, for example 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 m and others, as well as those even larger about 34 mm. Finally, very big ones are available, like 90 mm and 110 mm rubber grommets, so the rubber grommet hole size chart is very diverse in our company. However, this does not mean that you can only choose between the sizes we have offered you. As we know that there are many holes of non-standard dimensions, we offer you the opportunity to choose any size you want, and we will do it for you. For example, you may find hole size suitable, but thickness is unsuitable or vice versa. This will not be a problem as we offer custom rubber grommets.

In addition to all size parameters, we also offer different colors as well as different materials from which we can make rubber grommets for you. Colors will help you locate cables and wires more easily, while materials are of utmost importance, because if you choose the wrong material for the environment in which the rubber grommet will be located, it will not be equally effective and will also deteriorate faster.

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