Insulation rubber grommet plugs are used where a cable, wire, or pipe has to go through any glass material, plastic, metal sheet, or any substance that can cause damage to the outer layer of the object during use. Such rubber grommets can be used in different automobiles, including buses, engines, boats, furniture, etc. 

Some of the rubber grommet plugs are collared only from one side. In contrast, the other side has the ability to transform from one shape to another i-e, from cylindrical to conical. This property allows the rubber grommets to get installed in holes easily. None of the rubber grommets can have collars on both sides. These grommets are manufactured from rubber that is why they are flexible and durable. They can provide malleable and adaptable solutions. Rubber grommets have an open-top allowing the cables to pass through it easily. Blind hole round rubber grommets is produced while using high-quality and more durable rubber. 

Rubber grommet plugs have the ability to lessen the vibration and mount the items that are sensitive to shocks. However, rubber grommet plugs are made up of dense rubber material. They are also used in parts of boats in order to absorb the impact and protect the electrical or fuel lines through very sharp edges. 

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