Rubber grommet sizes

Rubber grommet sizes

Rubber grommet sizes are the subject of interest of all those who need rubber grommets and that is why we as manufacturers pay great attention to offer you as many rubber grommet sizes as possible. It is very important that the rubber grommet is the perfect size for the hole where you will put it, so although we offer a very large number of different ready-made sizes, we leave you the option to choose the size, and we will do everything according to your requirements. You can choose to make each part of the rubber grommet different from the standard sizes or just change one part.

In order to be able to choose the ideal size, you need to know which parts of the rubber grommet you need to measure. These are inside diameter, outside diameter, groove diameter, groove width and overall thickness. The outside diameter shows the diameter of the rubber grommet from edge to edge, and the inside diameter represents the diameter of the hole inside the rubber grommet. As you know, the rubber grommet is not completely round, but there is another part that protrudes from each side, so when those two parts are subtracted, we get the groove diameter. An error occurs because customers are not sure what the exact difference is between groove width and overall thickness, so be sure to look at the diagram and determine the exact sizes.

Once you have successfully determined the size of your rubber grommet, the next thing you need to choose is what material you want it to be made of. We offer rubber grommets made of NBR, EPDM, silicone, neoprene, FKM and many other types of rubber, and you will choose the one that has the characteristics you are looking for. Hardness is another important parameter that you must not overlook, and hardness usually varies from 30 to 80 Shore A.

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