Rubber Grommet Sizes Chart

Rubber Grommet Sizes Chart

Rubber grommets offer cable protection and prevent wire stripping when you route the wires through your desk. But, they come in different sizes and that’s why you need to look at the rubber grommet sizes chart. The wires can be damaged and that will cause problems to your system. The biggest problem is if the power supply cable gets damaged, then not only that your other components can be damaged, but it can also cause a fire. Things like that are extremely expensive especially if you can dodge a problem like that using grommets. The grommets are mostly used in electronic industry like data centers and offices and the automobile industry as well and the rubber grommet sizes chart is what you need to refer to before buying them. 

The grommets can be made from different materials like different types of rubber, metal, and plastic. They are mostly made from rubber but no matter the material that they are made of, they all serve the same purpose just with different subtleties. You can even choose the hardness of the material. They come in different variety of shapes and sizes like squares, circles, or even some special shapes – that’s why you need to look at the rubber grommet sizes chart  for reference. The shapes can be custom-made for your taste with your sketch or a suggestion from your architect or interior designer. 

They are really easy to install since you just need to press them down and you are done. But how to know if they are the right size Well, the first thing you need to do before ordering is to carefully measure the dimensions of the hole. The width of the hole is one parameter, how deep is the hole is another parameter, and thirdly how thick are the cables that you want to pull through the grommet. With those dimensions, you will look at the grommet sizes chart of your desired shape and color and when you find your dimensions you are ready for ordering. In case there is no match from the chart, we can make custom grommets to fit your needs perfectly. 

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