Rubber grommet types

Rubber grommet types

Every living person who has ever touched an electronic device of any sort has been in either direct or indirect contact with a rubber grommet. Surprisingly enough, a vast majority still has no clue what grommets are and how many rubber grommet types there are. Fortunately, the information contained in the lines below should expand your knowledge on the subject. Depending on their purpose, there are 8 basic rubber grommet types you should learn to differentiate. Rubber blanking plugs would be used to seal and hold the deal. Jokes aside, but they are designed to make specific openings air-tight. They are similar to closed rubber grommets, which can be either semi-blind or blind. They owe their name to their shape since their opening is sealed. In a nutshell, semi-blinds are designed for facilitated penetration, while the blinds are firm.  

Open rubber grommets are the type of rubber grommets you are most likely to find since they represent the most popular grommet solution. Even though they might seem like nothing special, their simple but lightsome design potentiates diversity. When tapered grommets are in question, we should emphasize that even though they might resemble the closed variant, they are crafted to seal wider holes in metal surfaces.  

Another variant designed for securing holes of different shapes is called stepped grommet and it resembles a cone for a reason. Namely, one can cut the grommet exactly as needed, which is incredibly useful when one has to deal with cables or wires of different diameters. There is also a special group of white grommets, which are unique because of their materialization. Namely, the silicone, which makes a significant portion of its structure potentiates enhanced features and conditions the coloring. Therefore, it is obvious why they are called “white”. Finally, you should know that grommets can be customized to meet any specific wants and needs a client might have, so if you cannot find what you need in the store, make sure you get in touch with the manufacturer and present them with your idea of ideal rubber grommet version. 

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