Rubber knockout grommet

Rubber knockout grommet

Our rubber knockout grommet products come in a variety of sizes and diameters. These small items are used in a wide range of industries, but they have their applications in domestic settings as well. Since they’re made of rubber, they make perfect isolators that can help you protect your cables from sharp edges. As such, they’re a vital part of many types of machinery and industrial equipment.

We guarantee the quality of all our rubber products, including our rubber knockout grommets. All materials used in our manufacturing processes are selected by the professionals in our team and produced with care and consideration towards the needs of our customers. Again, we offer a wide range of rubber knockout grommets for all of your needs and preferences. Make sure to check the exact dimensions before you make your order to ensure our products fit your application properly. These grommets are quite flexible, which allows for an easy application directly onto the drill hole, but you’ll still need to get the sizing right to make it as effective as possible. 

Besides electrical cables and cords, these products are used to protect and insulate all types of wire. This includes computer wires, cables,  and line maintenance. The pass-through part of the grommet itself allows for easy usage and installation, so they’re perfectly suitable for at-home applications of various sorts. The rubber itself is incredibly durable and heat resistant. 

In cases you need your grommets in a specific size or diameter that you can’t find in our current offer, contact us for the possibility of a custom order. Additionally, if you have any further questions about our grommets or any of our rubber products, feel free to contact us directly for some more information. Our team will be prepared to provide you with detailed answers as promptly as possible. 

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