Silicone Grommets

Silicone Grommets

The composition of silicone grommets includes silicone polymer which is joined with the molecules of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. They are used to protect and seal the holes in machinery and other parts of equipment. Silicone grommets can be applied on a large scale such as to seal and protect the cables or wires, to lessen vibration, covering sharp edges, and prevent damage. They are available in different diameters and thicknesses according to their applications. And because of their elastic nature, they also protect the materials from abrasion or any sort of damage by providing them a smooth surface.

Silicone grommets are best to use in a low-temperature situation. They even work in a temperature as low as -55 °C. And they are also capable of high-temperature resistance. And can have the capacity to survive the temperature of even180 °C and do not get any impairment. The other important feature is that they can maintain their flexibility and elasticity at a very high-temperature range for several weeks. when silicone grommets are modified through various chemical processes in the laboratory, they would be capable to bear the temperature as low as -73 ° C, and high as 800 ° C. This quality adds a plus point to their value and increases their demand.

Silicone grommets are also available in a variety of colors, which the customers can select through Pantone numbers available in shops. They are also environmentally friendly and safe to use. And there are not any harmful side effects of these grommets, in case they are having direct contact with food items and skin. And therefore, they are also a part of food-related machines and other kitchen accessories as well as children’s toys. They are also incorporated into medical machinery because they do not stick to human tissues and are not toxic.

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