Small Grommet

Small Grommet

Rubber grommets come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are used for a variety of applications. There is virtually not an industry on this planet that is not heavily reliant on rubber grommets. Rubber grommets offer more than just protection for wires and cables, even though that is usually their main purpose, and even a small grommet could efficiently protect the wires from being damaged by the sharp edges of an opening. In addition to insulating and protecting wiring and cabling, rubber grommets can also be used as plugs. A rubber grommet could easily seal a hole of any size, as long as the hole is not bigger or smaller than the grommet itself.

A small grommet is often used to protect delicate wiring or seal small holes, but that is hardly all that we can use it for. Sometimes, you can find small grommets on the bottom of the chairs, acting as a buffer to protect both the furniture and the floors. The thing about a small grommet is that even though it is small in size – it can do big things. As we have seen, they can be used in a plethora of ways, but they can also be customized in a plethora of ways. The most common variations of the small grommets are in type, material and size. As for type, we have already mentioned the two most popular ones – hole and plug grommet. As for materials, a small grommet can be made from natural rubber, silicone, neoprene, nitrile, FKM, and many others. As for size, the variations are not huge, seeing how the form factor of this grommet is small, but depending on the use case scenario, some of them can be as small as a couple of millimetres, with inner diameters as small as one millimetre.

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