u shaped grommet

u shaped grommet

There are only a few grommets that are as efficient and reliable in protecting rubber grommets as an u shaped grommet. This u shaped grommet is a special type of grommet that is made for protecting cables and wires from the edges of the holes in panels or walls. The special thing about these u shaped grommets, as their name suggests, is that they are not circular in shape. In fact, u shaped grommets have a very unique shape that opens them as an option for many types of openings and holes that cannot be closed or resolved by normal circular grommets. 

While our u shaped grommets are mostly used in a variety of different openings and holes found in metallic panels in various machines, you can use them in any opening you prefer the most. Our u shaped grommets are the perfect choice for all kinds of guard cables and other types of items which can be damaged by external environment and the pressure while going through an opening and our u shaped grommets do a perfect job of protecting them. Our grommet is made from a special type of rubber polymer that makes it extremely flexible and ensures additional protection of your cables. 

Once you install our u shaped grommets into your home or factory, you can be assured of getting maximum protection and safety for your cables in whichever hole you have assigned them into. Our u shaped grommet is great for openings in walls or metal panels with variable thickness making them a truly versatile option for all homeowners and factory owners. You can route most cables and wires through these grommets and in case you are having problems with size and dimensions then we can craft custom sized u shaped grommets for you without any major problem. 

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