waterproof cable grommet

waterproof cable grommet

Keeping your working corner organized is important if you want to decrease the distractions while you have to concentrate on important things. No matter what you do, it cannot be complete if you don’t tidy up the cables of your devices. While there are many methods that you can do to clean up the place, routing the wires through a hole on your desk or wall is the most efficient way. However, you must not leave them unprotected because with every movement of the device, the wires will rub against the sharp edges and they will be quickly damaged. Not only that you will have to cover the costs of new cables and peripherals, but you might end up in a hazardous situation if water comes in contact. To avoid things like these, you should consider the use of a waterproof cable grommet. 

These items are meant to be a barrier between the wires and the edges, and also the hole and the surrounding area. That means that they prevent the abrasive process to happen, while also preventing water and dust to enter the hole. This is possible because our firm makes these waterproof cable grommets exclusively from rubber. The material is both soft and sturdy which offers the right qualities for this purpose. However, you will need to get your dimensions precisely if you want to be sure that they will work right. Since we need the waterproofing feature, you have to consider the diameter of the cable as well. After that, find the exact dimensions on the list on our site and you should be good. In case you have trouble finding the exact size, our firm can do you a favor and create a custom waterproof cable grommet for your project. The installing process is pretty easy, just press the grommet into the hole and have your cables routed inside.

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