waterproof grommet

waterproof grommet

Grommets are items that are meant to be inserted in a hole so they can mask the sharper structures of the edges. They are meant to be used in protecting cables and wires when they are being routed through working surfaces or panels in different industries. Sometimes certain requirements have to be fulfilled, and that is where the waterproof grommets come into play. Besides protection of the wires, they are offering a sealing option where they are blocking the entrance of water and dust particles inside the hole. This is important in situations where there are important electronic devices installed, and there are no drain points.

Our firm has specialized in manufacturing grommets using rubber material. This gives us options to improve certain characteristics of the material at your request. Although you need waterproofing, there may be heat exposure, so we can create a synthetic blend that will work the best for your project. The shapes can be different, depending on the drilling plan. For that purpose, we have waterproof grommet pieces in the most common shapes. In case you have tried to drill a hole that you have thought to have a stylish look. In that situation, we can create a specially shaped grommet for the best functionality. 

To be able to get the most out of these grommets, and to be sure that the waterproofing function will stay, you have to get the right dimensions of you’re routing hole. In addition, you have to plan ahead of the cables you will be routing because they have to fit inside. Our advice is to pass a single wire through the hole so the grommet can fit snugly and prevent any water and dust communications. You should be able to find the right dimensions in the list on our site. In case you have drilled something on your own, you can request us to make special ones for you.

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