waterproof rubber grommets

waterproof rubber grommets

Thinking ahead so you can prevent your cables go bad is a really important thing to avoid unwanted situations in the future. No matter the purpose, whether you are improving your setup at home, or you are working in certain industries, protection of the wires is essential for the longevity of your items. Sometimes, our conditions are obligating us to take preventive matters further. That means that we will not only protect our wires from getting torn, but we are also waterproofing the hole to avoid hazardous situations. This can be achieved with the use of waterproof rubber grommets. 

The material that is offering all these features is the rubber, that is why our firm has been centered to use that material mostly. While it is bot sturdy to offer protection, it is also soft so it can grip the hole and the cable nicely to prevent any water or dust from coming inside. There are also possibilities to change certain qualities with the use of synthetics. The shapes that these grommets come in can be different, and that is mostly up to the person who drilled the hole. They go from circles to ovals and rectangles, basically every usual form. However, if you have drilled a different shape for aesthetic purposes, our firm can create such grommets for you.

The most important thing so you can use the grommet’s qualities the best is getting the correct dimensions of the hole. There are two important things to get, the outer diameter of the hole, and the diameter of the cable you thought of coursing. If you get them wrong, the grommet will not fit properly, and you will not get the sealing feature that prevents water to get inside. Make sure that you find the right dimensions on our list. If your measurements don’t match with anything on our list, we can create special waterproof rubber grommets for your situation. 

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