Watertight grommet

Watertight grommet

When we need to install wires and cords in our equipment, that means that the wires need to be connected on the inside of the device, and they need to pass through different obstacles and protection layers to get to another panel or to be connected to an outlet outside. This means that there needs to be an opening that will let the cords freely pass through the closure. When we create those openings, we are aware that now we are letting the outside environment come into contact with our equipment. We all know that dust and moisture are the biggest enemies of electrical equipment, so we have to do something to seal the hole, and still let the cables pass freely. This is where the watertight grommet comes in. These small units are used to seal an opening, protect both the equipment and the wires that need to pass through, and at the same time, provide the needed space so that the cord can be connected to other outside panels. 

For this purpose, silicone or rubber watertight grommet is used, since these materials are waterproof on their own. The watertight grommet provides a tight seal and it prevents even the smallest droplets of water pass through, and with that, they create a barrier between moisture and our equipment. We are well aware of how important the fit is, so as manufacturers, we offer you a variety of sizes to choose between. Note that these small units are available to get as test products and see if the fit is right, or you can also opt for the bulk variation. The watertight grommet can save you thousands of dollars on repairs and they are the most simple and elegant solution to dozens of problems in pretty much every industry. In addition, they also provide protection against light, heat, chemicals, and dirt.  

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