Watertight wire grommets

Watertight wire grommets

In every industry, there is the need to pass cables and cords through equipment and devices. These cords are used to connect components with each other, or they are used to connect the equipment with the power outlet. In many cases, there is the need to pass wires through the panels so that we can easily connect different devices with each other. However, by creating an opening in our panels, it means that we are creating a hole that will allow the outside environment to penetrate our devices. We all know what happens when moisture is trapped in a machine, and we are well aware of how damaging dust and dirt can be to our vehicles or machines. So, to provide a tight seal between the wires and the part of the opening that is left unprotected, we use watertight wire grommets. These units come usually in a circular shape since most of the openings in devices and vehicles are circular, but if you are in need of something specific, as manufacturers, we can help you get the exact shape that you need for your project

The way that the watertight wire grommets work is that if they are properly installed, they will seal the hole, protect the openings and sharp edges, and they will allow the wire to pass freely, without adding pressure to it. Even though there will still be a small opening, the watertight wire grommets wrap around the cord, and they prevent any moisture or dirt from penetrating inside the equipment. Note that they are most commonly made of rubber or silicone, which means that even if they come in contact with water, oils, chemicals, or anything else, they will not get damaged. If you do this, remember that the grommets will only protect the opening and prevent water from getting in, but they will not protect the rest of the cord.   

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