The return of rubber grommets was caused by improper setting of vulcanization conditions or improper storage. The consequences are light, resulting in downgrading of the product, and then scrapping it, causing significant economic losses.

(1.) Vulcanization

The more common situation is caused by the loss of control and failure of the control instrument. If the temperature reflected by the meter is lower than the actual vulcanization temperature, it will often cause reversion of the vulcanization caused by sulfur, and the vulcanization time should not be prolonged due to inaccurate recording or negligence of the handover. However, these errors are generally detected faster, so only a slight return is caused. If a serious man-made dereliction of duty violates the operating procedures, it may also cause a serious accident, resulting in major economic losses.

(2) aging and returning to the original

In contrast, aging is easier to control. Mainly in the storage and use process to prevent direct sunlight grommets, to ensure that the storage place is ventilated. Of course, the cause of returning to the original is not due to improper storage conditions, but it is another matter. It should be based on technology and management.