The structural elements of the so-called rubber grommets molds are the various components that make up the rubber mold and the structural forms that perform certain process functions. For the rubber grommets molds that are usually used, the structural elements can be classified into the following eight types.

1 molding elements

Molding elements include upper and lower mold bodies (or stencils), middle mold bodies (plates), end molds, cores, mandrels, cores, cavity inserts, blocks, and other components that make up the mold cavity.

2 auxiliary elements

The auxiliary elements of the rubber grommet mold include the residual glue tank, the running glue tank (or called the glue tank or the overflow tank), the vent hole, the venting groove (ie, the exhaust groove), and the cutting without the flashing rubber mold. Edge cutting edge, rubber sealing groove, etc.

3 connecting elements

Connection elements include screws, nuts, washers, washers, rivets, locking screws, threaded holes, threaded through holes, fisheye holes, countersunk screw holes, special special hinges (including mobile hinges).

4 positioning elements

The elements include a locating pin, a pin sleeve, a locating hole, a taper pin, a tapered pin bushing, a stencil taper pin hole, a guide surface, a guide groove, a guide hole, a HALF block, and the like.

5 glue injection elements

The injection molding elements include a pressure injector (hopper, plunger), an injection port, a main flow channel of the flow channel system, a volume (also referred to as a cold hole), a bypass, a feed port, and the like.

6 process elements

Process elements include process positioning holes, process thread holes, process connection holes, process pin holes, process blockers, and more. The process elements are only for the convenience of the manufacturing and processing of the mold parts, and have nothing to do with the operation of the mold.

7 operating elements

This element includes the handle, the opening (also known as the screwdriver opening, the opening groove), the sleeve, the die hole, the temperature measuring hole, the general or special unloading frame.